Master digital asset trading with one powerful suite of tools.

Crypto trading bots, data insights, arbitrage, day trading, portfolio tracking & more.

Support for more exchanges coming soon!
Trusted by over 8,000 traders in over 75 countries

Bringing it all together

Your all-in-one crypto trading bots, insights, arbitrage & day trading solution.

Unified Terminal

Trading Bots
Security First

One simple and robust interface for every exchange. Trade and transfer across exchanges with ease.

Real-time crypto day trading & arbitrage bots. Access a number of pre-built strategies or code your own with Coygo Forge!

Your exchange account credentials (API keys) are stored encrypted on your own hard drive, not our servers.

Spot arbitrage spreads & triangular arbitrage opportunities in real-time, transfer easily, & trade on multiple exchanges at once.
Crypto Arbitrage

On the go? Track your portfolio, view real-time charts and analysis, and use our powerful data tools on your phone.

Crypto day trading & arbitrage bots

Create trading bots to automate your crypto day trading & arbitrage with Coygo Bots.

Grid trading, swing trading, triangular arbitrage, market making, and more.

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Coygo Bots - A New Generation of Crypto Day Trading Bots

Don't trust the cloud

Your exchange credentials (API keys) are only stored encrypted on your machine, not our servers. All orders are submitted directly from your machine.

Near-zero latency

Real-time data feeds connect your machine directly to each exchange. Our servers don't act as a middleman.

Crypto arbitrage bots

Configure and run arbitrage bots to find and act on Bitcoin & crypto arbitrage opportunities within milliseconds, both inter-exchange arbitrage and intra-exchange triangular crypto arbitrage.

Code crypto trading bots with JavaScript

With Coygo Forge you can code your very own custom and fully automated crypto day trading bot strategies with JavaScript that can react to market changes in milliseconds.

Perfect for real-time strategies like arbitrage or scalping.

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Coygo Forge - Code Your Own Crypto Trading Bots With Javascript

Powerful API

Use a simple but powerful JavaScript API to access real-time order books, submit orders books, and lots more!

JavaScript guides

Search comprehensive API documentation with explanations and working code examples for everything your Bot Strategy can do.

Example strategies

Browse a number of pre-built Bot Strategies with complete working code examples, including: swing trading, market making, grid trading, & more.

Industry-leading DIY crypto arbitrage

Manually find and act on inter-exchange crypto arbitrage spreads in real-time.

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Coygo Terminal's Arbitrage 2.0 - Master cryptocurrency arbitrage

Why Coygo?

Coygo provides a suite of professional tools for digital asset traders. Whether you’re assessing market data and day trading Bitcoin at home, running automated crypto trading bots, or tracking your portfolio and viewing real-time charts on-the-go, Coygo offers everything you need to stay up to date and gain an advantage over the competition. All major exchanges are supported, including: Coinbase, Coinbase Pro, Poloniex, Binance, Kraken, Bittrex, Gemini, Bitfinex, bitFlyer, Bitstamp, KuCoin.

Coygo Terminal

Coygo Terminal is a downloadable application for Windows, Mac and Linux that connects to all of your exchanges for a powerful all-in-one crypto & Bitcoin trading platform. Real-time insights, crypto day trading & swing trading, automated cryptocurrency trading bots, transferring, arbitrage, portfolio tracking & more. API keys never leave your machine, our servers never have access to your accounts.

  • API keys are optional and never leave your machine
  • Real-time order book analysis
  • Real-time trade analysis
  • Real-time arbitrage scanning
  • Real-time candlesticks with MACD, RSI and Bollinger Bands
  • Advanced trading with multiple order types
  • Simplified transfers between accounts
  • Portfolio tracking
  • Screener for powerful searching and filtering of coins

Coygo Mobile

Coygo Mobile is accessible via web browser on your phone or computer and allows you to stay up-to-date while you're on-the-go with portfolio tracking, real-time charts, and powerful data tools.

  • Acessible on-the-go
  • Real-time candlesticks with MACD, RSI and Bollinger Bands
  • Real-time technical analysis
  • Screener for powerful searching and filtering of coins
  • Portfolio tracking

Crypto Price Scanner

Coygo Screener: A trader-focused alternative to CoinMarketCap

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Preset filters

Use our powerful preset filters such as "Daily high volume gainers" or "Possible daily bullish reversals" to find the best assets to trade.

Custom filters

Compose your own custom filters by combining a number of comparisons against various data points.

Accessible anywhere

Access Coygo Screener within Coygo Terminal, or on-the-go with your phone or laptop via Coygo Mobile.

No API keys required

You choose the level of access to your exchange accounts that you're comfortable providing to Coygo Terminal. Don't want to give up your API keys? No problem, you can benefit from all of Coygo Terminal's real-time data and market insights without ever giving Coygo Terminal access to your accounts.  If you decide you want to connect your exchange accounts, you gain an even more powerful set of features.

No API keys

Without entering any API keys you can use all of Coygo Terminal's data features:

  • Real-time price and depth charts.
  • Real-time order books and order book superiority analysis.
  • Real-time Arbitrage Scanner across all exchanges.
  • Powerful custom search filters for all coins.
  • Real-time technical analysis for buy and sell indicators.

Read-only API keys

With read-only API keys you can use all of the previous features, plus:

  • Portfolio overview with aggregated balances from all exchanges displayed in USD, BTC or ETH.
  • View individual wallet balances on every exchange.
  • Aggregated list of all trades across every exchange.
  • Aggregated list of all transfers and deposits across every exchange.

Trade API keys

With API keys that have read and trade permissions you can use all of the previous features, plus:

  • Submit market, limit, and stop-limit orders to every exchange.
  • Easily submit arbitrage trads when profitable spreads appear.
  • Quickly set trade amounts to USD equivalents of $50, $100, $250, $500, $1000, or $2500
  • View and cancel open orders across every market and exchange.

Transfer API keys

With API keys that have read and trade and transfer permissions you can use all of the previous features, plus:

  • Send coins between wallets at different exchanges with a few clicks, never dealing with manual wallet addresses again.
  • Quickly see the estimate USD value of a transfer before submitting.
  • See a preview of the wallet address at the destination exchange before sending.
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