Code a Crypto Trading Bot With Javascript & Coygo Forge

If you’ve ever wanted to code your own trading bot you’re in luck! Today we’ll be coding a crypto trading bot with JavaScript & Coygo Forge that implements a basic market maker strategy. Coygo Forge is a framework for coding custom crypto trading bots using a simple JavaScript API with a focus on real-time order book data & day trading strategies like arbitrage and scalping.

Get Help Coding Crypto Bots in Our Subreddit

Hello again crypto traders! In April of this year we released Coygo Forge, a platform and framework for coding JavaScript crypto trading bots that can access full real-time order book data and execute on intervals in the seconds or even milliseconds. Coygo Forge is the engine powering Coygo Bots, our crypto trading bots platform with a focus on day trading and real-time trading strategies.

Make an Inter-Exchange Arbitrage Crypto Bot with Coygo

Have you ever been interested in trying crypto arbitrage trading? In this post we’re going to create an inter-exchange arbitrage crypto trading bot with Coygo Bots that can monitor five different trade pairs between two exchanges for arbitrage opportunities and respond within milliseconds. What is Coygo Bots? Coygo Bots is a platform for creating and running crypto trading bots that help automate your crypto day trading.

Create a "Triangular Arbitrage" Crypto Bot With Coygo

Hello crypto traders! Today we’re going to create a triangular arbitrage crypto trading bot with Coygo Bots that can monitor six different order paths for arbitrage opportunities on a single exchange and respond within milliseconds. (P.S. Need a reminder on how triangular arbitrage works? See our other post: Cryptocurrency Triangular Arbitrage: How Does It Work?

Create a "Grid Trading" Crypto Trading Bot With Coygo

In this post we will create a cryptocurrency trading bot with Coygo Bots that uses the well-known Grid Trading quantitative strategy. Grid Trading is typically considered to perform best in volatile and sideways markets when prices fluctuate within a specific range. What is Coygo Bots? Coygo Bots is a platform for creating and running crypto trading bots that help automate your crypto day trading.

Coygo Forge - Code Crypto Trading Bots With Javascript

Hello crypto traders! Here at Coygo we’ve spent the last year working on a brand new product called Coygo Forge that is now available as part of Coygo Bots, our fully automated cryptocurrency trading bot platform. Today I’ll be discussing Coygo Forge’s benefits and how you can use it to improve and automate your crypto day trading workflow.

Coygo Bots: A New Generation of Crypto Day Trading Bots

Over the last two years we’ve rebuilt our cryptocurrency trading bot platform given all of the amazing feedback from our beta users. I’m happy to announce that today we’ve officially launched Coygo Bots 2.0! Now available within Coygo Terminal, our crypto trading terminal software that works with most major exchanges.

430k BTC Price Rationale Explained by Coygo CEO

Being the CEO of a cryptocurrency startup I am constantly asked about BTC and its future potential. I suppose amongst my social circles I’m the “token crypto guy”. When discussing Bitcoin the question always arises: is it too late to buy BTC or does it still have room to grow?

Coygo's Crypto Trading Bots Now Support Limit Orders for Triangular Arbitrage

Hello again crypto traders! I know it’s been awhile since our last update but rest assured we’ve been working diligently to vastly improve Coygo Terminal’s fully automated cryptocurrency trading bots suite so that we can offer the best possible tools for traders like yourself. After months of development and testing our latest release enables our triangular arbitrage crypto trading bot to fully support limit orders!

Coygo Terminals Cryptocurrency Triangular Arbitrage Bot Is Now LIVE

Hello digital asset traders and Happy New Year! Today I’m happy to announce that we’ve now enabled full live trading for our triangular arbitrage bot strategy within Coygo Terminal! Since the initial release our beta trading bot suite a few months back we’ve focused on developing real-time arbitrage bot strategies. With two inter-exchange arbitrage strategies complete we moved onto developing a fully automated triangular arbitrage strategy which we announced in December 2020.