Coygo Bots: A New Generation of Crypto Day Trading Bots

Over the last two years we’ve rebuilt our cryptocurrency trading bot platform given all of the amazing feedback from our beta users. I’m happy to announce that today we’ve officially launched Coygo Bots 2.0! Now available within Coygo Terminal, our crypto trading terminal software that works with most major exchanges.

At the heart of Coygo Bots 2.0 is two major changes:

  1. The experience and interface for configuring and running a trading bot has been vastly improved with a focus on increasing transparency of what bots are doing and keeping track of balance changes/profit over time

  2. Coygo Forge is a brand new engine that powers Coygo Terminal Bots and allows anyone to develop their own fully customized and automated crypto trading bot with simple JavaScript code.

The “Bots Home” screen

When signing into Coygo Terminal you will now be greeted with a brand new screen called Bots Home. This serves as your home base for everything related to trading bots and provides an explanation of the various features and screens available to you.

Coygo Bots Home pageCoygo Bots Home page

The “My Bots” screen

My Bots is where you can create new trading bots and see a list of any that you’ve already created. You can think of a Bot as a piece of software that will automate trading on your behalf given a set of rules that you provide to it. Each Bot has a “Configure” button which allows you to view and edit that Bot’s configuration as well as a “Run” button which allows you to run the Bot and view information about the previous times it was run.

The My Bots screenThe My Bots screen

The “My Strategies” screen

My Strategies lets you browse and search each Bot Strategy that is available to you. Every Bot that you create uses a Strategy to define that Bot’s behavior. For example you may have one Strategy for swing trading and two Bots that use that Strategy, one that trades on Coinbase Pro and another that trades on Kraken.

(You can also use Coygo Forge to code your very own custom Bot Strategy with JavaScript, more on that below!)

The My Strategies screenThe My Strategies screen

Coygo Bots comes with a number of pre-built Bot Strategies for you to explore, such as:

Coygo Forge

Code your own Bot Strategy with Coygo Forge! With Coygo Forge you can create your very own fully automated trading bot strategy using JavaScript, one of the most popular and easy-to-learn programming languages on the planet. Use Coygo Forge to automate any part of your trading workflow!

You can learn more about Coygo Forge in our deep dive blog post: Coygo Forge - Code Crypto Trading Bots With Javascript.

Coygo ForgeCoygo Forge

Forge Community

We know that writing code is hard, especially when learning it as a new skill, and we also know that trading bots in general are necessarily complex. In order to help you learn and become a master at coding your own custom crypto trading bots in Coygo Forge we have just launched a new community on reddit! See it here: /r/CoygoForge.

In this new community you can ask questions for coding help, discuss different trading bot strategy ideas, and get answer from other traders or the Coygo team themselves. We hope to see you there! Together we can all excel at creating our own crypto trading bot strategies for day trading.

Learn more in our clog post: Get help coding crypto trading bots in our subreddit

Coming soon!

We are working on a community marketplace integrated directly into Coygo Bots that will allow you to:

Stay tuned!

Improved interface when running a Bot

We have also completely overhauled the interface when running a Bot to provide better transparency about what a Bot is doing and help keep track of a Bot’s balances/profits over time.

Improved experience when running a BotImproved experience when running a Bot

You’ll see the page divided into a number of different sections:

Why use Coygo Bots?

Coygo Bots is designed to excel at automating trading strategies that focus on real-time data and short intervals such as arbitrage or scalping.

Code your own Bot Strategy with Coygo Forge

Coygo Forge is an incredibly powerful tool that allows you to code your very own fully customizable trading bot strategy with JavaScript, one of the most popular and easy-to-learn programming languages on the planet. With Coygo Forge your strategy can submit orders, access real-time order books, read wallet balances, and a whole lot more. You can do anything from scalping to arbitrage to rebalancing your portfolio.

A number of example Bot Strategies are included to demonstrate how to use Coygo Forge with their code fully open source.

Access a number of pre-built Bot Strategies

Coygo Bots comes with a number of pre-built Bot Strategies that your trading bots can use. These include grid trading, swing trading, triangular arbitrage, market making, and more…or code your own strategy with Coygo Forge!

All Strategies built with Coygo Forge also have their JavaScript code open source for anyone to view. We encourage you to try and modify or extend these strategies with your own custom code using Coygo Forge to built exactly what suits your needs!

Paper Trading with Test Mode

If you don’t want to test a Bot with your real money or crypto you can run your Bot in Test Mode. This will simulate all order submissions, fills and cancellations so that the Bot doesn’t use any real crypto balances. This helps to provide an estimate of how the Bot would operate when given real money and not run in Test Mode.

Real-time data & millisecond intervals

Coygo Bots can trade on millisecond or second intervals with access to real-time order books and OHLCV feeds.

Low latency

Your machine is connected directly to each exchange for real-time data feeds. Coygo’s servers do not act as a middleman.


Coygo Bots run entirely on your machine, not our servers. Your exchange account credentials (API keys) are encrypted and never leave your machine. Coygo’s servers do not have access to your accounts.

All Bot Strategies work on all exchanges

Use the same automated trading strategy on any supported exchange or trade pair. For example, if you find a swing trading strategy that works for you then you can use that exact same bot on Coinbase Pro, Kraken, Geminin, or any other supported exchange and it can use the BTC-USD trade pair, ETH-BTC trade pair, or any other that you may be interested in!

Easily configurable

Use a powerful configuration interface to tweak your bots and find what works for you.

What are the limitations of Coygo Bots?

Because Coygo Bots is built for automating day trading strategies it may not be the right choice for you depending on your trading needs.

Limited to trading on shorter intervals (5 minutes or less)

Coygo Bots is designed to excel at trading on second or millisecond intervals using real-time data. If you want to run a trading bot that operates on 1 hour or 1 day intervals Coygo Bots may not be the best solution for you.

Requires your computer to remain on while a Bot is running

Coygo Bots runs entirely on your machine and not our servers. This is for security reasons so that our servers never have access to your exchange accounts, as well as for performance reasons so that your trading bots can access fully real-time data directly from exchanges. Because of this your computer must remain on while Coygo Bots are running. If you want to run a trading bot for a week straight Coygo Bots may not be the best solution for you.

No margin trading support

Coygo operates within the United States and unfortunately here in the U.S. there is little to no legal and compliant support for margin trading with crypto. When major U.S. exchanges offer support for margin trading we will be happy to reconsider this.

Live paper trading, no backtesting support

Many trading bot platforms offer backtesting to test how a strategy would have performs over a previous span of time. Due to Coygo Bots and Coygo Terminal’s focus on real-time day trading strategies that operate on millisecond or second intervals, Coygo Bots offers simulated “paper trading” in real-time but not using historical data.

Try Coygo Bots for free!

You can try Coygo Bots for free today by signing up for any of our subscription plans and starting your free trial. We would love to know what you think! As Coygo Bots is currently in beta we sincerely appreciate your feedback.