Coygo Design Update 2 15 2019

Coygo design update — 2/15/2019

We’re in the process of updating the design of the Coygo application to match our new branding, so I thought I’d let you all take a peek at what’s to come! The new design includes aligning with our brand colors, a new font, a new application icon, and using our official logo where appropriate. We’re looking into a complete overhaul of the application’s interface design, but in the meantime these small changes better align with our brand.

New balance overview

Old balance overview

Balance Overview before the design updateBalance Overview before the design update

New trade interface

Trade interface after design updateTrade interface after design update

Old trade interface

Trade interface before design updateTrade interface before design update

That’s all for today

I just wanted to share this small update to keep you all in the loop with our progress as we continue to improve the Coygo application and make it into the best solution available for cryptocurrency traders managing accounts on multiple exchanges. We’re now beginning to add some quality of life improvements that I’m sure every trader will appreciate, and we’ll be adding support for more exchanges sometime soon as well (Coinbase Pro and Bittrex are at the top of the list). Thanks for checking in!