Coygo Forge - Code Crypto Trading Bots With Javascript

Hello crypto traders! Here at Coygo we’ve spent the last year working on a brand new product called Coygo Forge that is now available as part of Coygo Bots, our fully automated cryptocurrency trading bot platform. Today I’ll be discussing Coygo Forge’s benefits and how you can use it to improve and automate your crypto day trading workflow.

In summary:

Read on below for more details and screenshots!

Coygo Forge is a framework for coding your own custom cryptocurrency trading bot strategies with JavaScript - one of the most popular and easy-to-learn programming languages on the planet.

If you’ve ever been interested in creating your own custom crypto trading bots to automate parts of your day trading workflow then we hope you’ll give Coygo Forge a try! As always, all of our subscription plans include a free trial so we welcome you to download Coygo Terminal and give Coygo Forge a shot. Your feedback is very valuable to us.

The Coygo Forge intefrace for coding custom Bot StrateagiesThe Coygo Forge intefrace for coding custom Bot Strateagies

Ready to dive in and start coding? See our guide!

We’ll go over the various features and benefits of Coygo Forge below, but if you want to dive right in and start coding your own crypto trading bot please check out our complete guide and accompanying video! We will walk through the process of coding a simple crypto market maker bot from scratch using JavaScript.

See the full guide blog post here: How to code a crypto trading bot with JavaScript & Coygo

Or follow along in our video guide:

The Forge Editor

When using Coygo Forge you’ll see a page split in two, with the Forge Editor on the left and Learn Sidebar sidebar on the right. The Forge Editor is a code editor where you will write your JavaScript code and includes features like code auto-completion and automatic error detection to assist your coding experience.

JavaScript Guides

On the right you’ll see the Learn Sidebar to help you learn how to use all of Coygo Forge’s features and provide code examples for each. First you’ll see the JavaScript Guides which has detailed information about all of the different things your JavaScript can do. Each capability has documentation, a code example anda “+ Add example to my code” button to add a working example to the your code in the Forge Editor.

JavaScript Guides detail everything your JavaScript code can doJavaScript Guides detail everything your JavaScript code can do

Browse Example Strategies for working code examples

In the “Learn Sidebar” you’ll also find “Example Strategies”. These example strategies are a great starting point to get familiar with the basics of creating your own custom crypto trading bot strategy with Coygo Forge. For each example you can see the full working code so these provide a great reference point when learning.

Example Strategies include full working code examplesExample Strategies include full working code examples

What can I do with Coygo Forge?

Coygo Forge is built for real-time data and short (millisecond or second) intervals. We provide the tools to let you access real-time order books and OHLCV data feeds, submit orders, cancel orders, read wallet balances, and lots more, and it’s up to you to decide what you can do with those tools.

With a simple JavaScript API you can:

We’ve included the Example Strategies to demonstrate the power of Coygo Forge and hopefully inspire creativity in our users. To give you an idea of the possibilities Coygo Forge offers we’ve created examples such as:

What are the limitations of Coygo Forge and Coygo Bots?

Because Coygo Bots is built for automating day trading strategies it may not be the right choice for you depending on your trading needs.

Limited to trading on shorter intervals (5 minutes or less)

Coygo Bots is designed to excel at trading on second or millisecond intervals using real-time data. If you want to run a trading bot that operates on 1 hour or 1 day intervals Coygo Bots may not be the best solution for you.

Requires your computer to remain on while a Bot is running

Coygo Bots runs entirely on your machine and not our servers. This is for security reasons so that our servers never have access to your exchange accounts, as well as for performance reasons so that your trading bots can access fully real-time data directly from exchanges. Because of this your computer must remain on while Coygo Bots are running. If you want to run a trading bot for a week straight Coygo Bots may not be the best solution for you.

No margin trading support

Coygo operates within the United States and unfortunately here in the U.S. there is little to no legal and compliant support for margin trading with crypto. When major U.S. exchanges offer support for margin trading we will be happy to reconsider this.

Live paper trading, no backtesting support

Many trading bot platforms offer backtesting to test how a strategy would have performs over a previous span of time. Due to Coygo Bots and Coygo Terminal’s focus on real-time day trading strategies that operate on millisecond or second intervals, Coygo Bots offers simulated “paper trading” in real-time but not using historical data.

Try Coygo Forge for free!

You can try Coygo Forge and Coygo Bots for free today by signing up for any of our subscription plans and starting your free trial. We would love to know what you think! As Coygo Bots is currently in beta we sincerely appreciate your feedback.