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Today I am happy to announce that you can now use Coygo on the go! For the past two years Coygo has provided professional tooling for cryptocurrency traders in the form of a secure downloadable desktop application. Now you can log in to with your phone or computer at any time and access a number of mobile tools. These include tracking your portfolio across exchanges and wallets, and using our powerful Screener for searching and filtering coins. As always, your API keys still only ever remain encrypted on your hard drive, our servers never have access to your cryptocurrency exchange accounts or wallets.

Track your portfolio

If you’ve connected your exchange accounts to the Coygo application, you’ll know that it’s a great way to track your aggregated portfolio across exchanges at a glance. You can view your overall holdings per asset and per exchange, or you can drill down to view each individual wallet on every connected exchange.

Mobile portfolio tracking with dark mode enabledMobile portfolio tracking with dark mode enabled

Powerful searching & filtering

Access the Coygo Screener at any time to make sure you’re always up to date with where the market is moving. Compose powerful search filters to do things such as search for all coins with a total 24h volume above $20 million whose price is up at least 2% in the last hour, or combine a number of filters to find coins that are down in price over a 30 day period but experiencing a breakout above their 1 day 5 period SMA.

Mobile ScreenerMobile Screener

Technical analysis and charts

View high-level charts and analysis to quickly assess the overall health of the market with the Charts view. Access a number of combined indicators on the Coinbase BTCUSD market to provide an easy-to-consume buy or sell rating, or view a number of charts such as total market cap in USD and BTC market dominance.

Mobile Charts viewMobile Charts view

More to come!

This is just the start of the mobile and web component of Coygo. We’ve got lots of plans to help traders when they’re on the go, including more real-time charts and tools for researching coins and exchanges.

As always, the Coygo desktop application will also continue to be improved towards our goal of providing the best possible suite of tools for cryptocurrency and digital asset traders.

Coygo desktop applicationCoygo desktop application

If you’re interested in trying Coygo, you can sign up for free today at

Stay tuned

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