Coygo Screener: A trader-focused alternative to CoinMarketCap

If you’re a crypto trader or investor you probably start each day by checking up on the market with CoinMarketCap (or one of their various competitors). Today I’d like to introduce you to a trader-focused alternative that provides a number of benefits that I know you’ll find useful: Coygo Screener.

Coygo Screener is available for free on Coygo Mobile and accessible from any computer or mobile device, no sign up required. It’s also available as part of Coygo Terminal.

Powerful filtering: A trader’s favorite tool

What really sets Coygo Screener apart from the other alternatives out there is its powerful filtering capability. For example, when trading you mostly want to be looking at coins with a decent amount of daily volume. A coin that is up 50% in price but has a 24h volume of $100,000 will have such thin order books that you’ll have a hard time getting orders filled. Using Coygo Screener’s filtering functionality we can build a custom filter for all coins that have a 24h volume of at least $500,000,000, that are up in price by at least 3%.

Below is an example of such a configuration:

Coygo Screener with a filter for high volume assetsCoygo Screener with a filter for high volume assets

Choose from a number of preset filters

Coygo Screener comes with a variety of different preset filter configurations. These include things like large market cap, high 24h volume, far from all-time-high price, daily high volume gainers, possibly daily bullish reversals (using a combination of daily SMA and price changes), and a whole lot more. Some are free for all users, while some of the more advanced filters (with a star next to their name) require an account with an active subscription.

Preset filter configurationsPreset filter configurations

Real-time candlesticks with MACD, RSI and Bollinger Bands

When you select a coin from the table a real-time candlestick chart (powered by TradingView) will be shown in an overlay window for the USD price of that asset. View the past price history with a number of helpful indicators laid over it to help identify trends.

Dark mode

We know how much all of you love Dark Mode. If you sign up for a free Coygo account , you can use Coygo Screener with Dark Mode enabled! No payment or subscription necessary.

Coygo Screener with Dark Mode enabledCoygo Screener with Dark Mode enabled

Try Coygo Screener today

Coygo Screener is completely free to use as part of Coygo Mobile and doesn’t require you to sign up for an account. You can try it for yourself right now. When you’re starting your day and need to check up on the market, I hope you’ll keep Coygo in mind!

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