Coygo Terminals Cryptocurrency Triangular Arbitrage Bot Is Now LIVE

Hello digital asset traders and Happy New Year! Today I’m happy to announce that we’ve now enabled full live trading for our triangular arbitrage bot strategy within Coygo Terminal!

Since the initial release our beta trading bot suite a few months back we’ve focused on developing real-time arbitrage bot strategies. With two inter-exchange arbitrage strategies complete we moved onto developing a fully automated triangular arbitrage strategy which we announced in December 2020.

Typically when we release a new bot strategy we keep it restricted to Test Mode (i.e. “paper trading”) only so that we can have time to gather feedback from our users and make sure we’re providing the best possible solution before fully releasing it. After a few weeks of gathering feedback we’re now ready to let you give it a shot with live trading!

By the way, you can try Coygo Terminal for free right now!

If you’re interested in trying Coygo Terminal’s trading bots, or the many other day trading and arbitrage tools that Coygo Terminal provides, you can start a free trial today at

Why use Coygo Terminal’s trading bots?

In our introductory blog post, Master Crypto Triangular Arbitrage With Coygo’s New Trading Bot, we explain a number of reason why Coygo Terminal’s trading bot suite is a great choice for real-time trading bots. For example, when using Coygo Terminal you don’t need to trust the cloud; your exchange account credentials (API keys) are only stored encrypted on your hard drive, not our servers. As another example, Coygo Terminal establishes real-time websocket data feeds directly between your machine and each exchange, our servers don’t act as a middleman, so you can achieve near-zero latency with the fastest possible market data access.

See our full introductory blog post for more details!

Triangular arbitrage bot configurationTriangular arbitrage bot configuration

Are you curious about exactly how triangular arbitrage works?

If you’d like an in-depth explanation of exactly how cryptocurrency triangular arbitrage works and the types of calculations that Coygo Terminal’s trading bots are making every few milliseconds, please see our other blog post: Cryptocurrency Triangular Arbitrage: How Does It Work?

Try Coygo Terminal today for free!

You can try Coygo Terminal for free today by starting a free trial on our website. Feedback from traders like you is what helps us ensure we’re building the best possible solutions for our customers, so please let us know what you think! Coygo Terminal provides real-time tools for arbitrage and order book analysis, helps track your portfolio across exchanges, simplifies transfers between exchanges, and a whole lot more.

Good luck & stay safe!

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