Coygo Update 2-25-2019 Enhanced Security Faster Data Updates Stability Improvements

Today we’re happy to share information on another update to the Coygo application as we continue to build it into the best solution available for cryptocurrency traders and investors who manage accounts on multiple exchanges.

For those of you who are new, Coygo is a desktop application that allows cryptocurrency traders to connect their accounts on various exchanges to have a single secure application to track account balances, submit trade orders, transfer funds between accounts, view real-time charts and more. We provide all the tools you need to trade cryptocurrencies on multiple exchanges. Your account credentials are only stored on your machine, we never have access to your accounts.

If you’re interested, we’re currently accepting applications for our free beta at

Coygo Balance OverviewCoygo Balance Overview

Security enhancements for multi-user systems

A big part of this change has been to increase security and stability on multi-user systems. This means that if multiple people are logging into the Coygo application with different accounts on the same machine, each user’s data is entirely separated and encrypted using different keys. We will continue to improve the security of your data and your account credentials, as this is one of our key goals of Coygo. Your account credentials and aggregated data from exchanges will never leave your machine, and only you will have access to them.

Stability improvements for Windows users

Some Windows users may have experienced issues when loading data from Binance. These issues stem from when your operating system’s time is not synchronized with Binance’s servers, because Binance uses the current timestamp on your machine during their authentication process. We have made internal changes to help reduce these errors, and we also provide a link to a troubleshooting guide when issues do occur to help our users ensure their operating system time is synchronized correctly.

Clarification of when data was last updated from exchanges

Data that is displayed within the Coygo application, such as account balances and trade history, is updated from exchanges at different times depending on what the user is doing. If a user submits a trade, cancels an open order, adds or removes an exchange account, or transfers funds between accounts, the data will be reloaded from each exchange immediately to reflect those changes. If a user does something outside of Coygo, such as submitting a trade directly on the Binance website and not from within Coygo’s interface, it may take a few seconds before the change is reflected inside Coygo.

Timestamp of balance dataTimestamp of balance data

To make it more clear how up to date your data is, we now display a timestamp alongside each piece of data stating when it was last updated from each exchange, as well as the number of seconds that have passed since then. See this screenshot snippet that shows that the Balance Overview data was last updated 4.739 seconds ago.

Faster data updates from exchanges

We have made a number of improvements to how Coygo gets the latest data from each exchange that you have connected. As a result, your information will now be up to more often than before, and the process of getting your new data is also now much faster. We understand that speed is of great importance to traders in order to be able to capitalize on buying and selling opportunities, so we will continue to make the user experience faster and more responsive.

Until next time

That’s it for now. We thank all of the customers and people who have shown interest in Coygo, and we welcome you to sign up to participate in our free beta at If you trade cryptocurrencies on multiple exchanges we would love your feedback as we build Coygo into the best possible solution for cryptocurrency traders.

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