Coygo Update 2-27-2019 Default Position Sizes

We have been diligently working to make Coygo the best solution for cryptocurrency traders who have accounts on multiple exchanges. Today we have details on a new update that makes trading faster and more seamless than ever.

For anyone new, Coygo is a downloadable desktop application that allows cryptocurrency traders to connect all of their accounts to have a single, secure interface to track account balances, submit trades, execute transfers between accounts, and lots more. Unlike most other solutions, your API credentials are only stored on your machine, we never have access to your funds or accounts. All trades and transfers are submitted directly from your machine, our servers never touch your accounts or account credentials.

If you’re interested and you live in the U.S., we welcome you to sign up for our free beta at

Default position sizes in CoygoDefault position sizes in Coygo

Default position sizes

Whichever trading strategy you employ, when you find a buying or selling opportunity you want to act on it as quickly as possible. Speed and security are the two main factors that drive all of our development at Coygo, so we take this very seriously. Our latest addition to the application allows traders to automatically set their position sizes for limit or market orders from a list of default USD amounts, using an estimated USD value from public market data of whichever coin is being traded. We currently provide the ability to set position size to USD equivalents (estimated) of $10, $25, $50, $100, $250, and $500.

For example, you can quickly execute a trade on the LSK-ETH market on Binance using the latest ask price, with a position size worth $250 USD, without ever having to enter any numbers yourself.

See the video below for an example:

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We will continue to post updates as we improve and refine the Coygo application. As mentioned previously, we welcome anyone in the U.S. to sign up for our free beta at

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