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It’s time for another development update for the Coygo application. As we continue to improve Coygo, our goals remain the same: provide the single best solution for cryptocurrency traders who manage accounts on multiple exchanges, without requiring users to submit their API keys to a third party’s servers.

If this is your first time hearing about Coygo, it’s a downloadable desktop application for Windows, Mac and Linux that allows cryptocurrency traders to connect all of their exchange accounts to have a single, secure interface to track account balances, submit trades, execute transfers between accounts, and lots more. Unlike most other solutions, your API credentials are only stored securely on your machine, we never have access to your funds or accounts. All trades and transfers are submitted directly from your machine, our servers never touch your accounts or account credentials.

If you live in the U.S. and you would like to help us shape the future of Coygo, we welcome you to sign up for our free beta at

Coinbase Pro in CoygoCoinbase Pro in Coygo

Coinbase Pro support!

We are very happy to announce that Coinbase Pro is now supported in the Coygo application! Traders can browser markets, see real-time price charts, transfer funds to and from wallets at other exchanges, submit trade orders, and cancel open orders via their Coinbase Pro account. We are very careful about the exchanges that we support as we want to make sure our customers are trading on reliable, secure, and legally compliant exchanges. Coinbase Pro is one of the most trusted exchanges for traders in the U.S. and is one of the only major exchanges to support fiat pairings, allowing traders to enter the market using their bank account.

Currently Coygo supports market and limit order types, but stay tuned as we are currently working on stop-loss order functionality for all applicable exchanges, Coinbase Pro included!

New Market Data window

Previously Coygo displayed a list of all available markets with their recent price movement data in the “Markets Overview” widget on the home screen. This has been redesigned and moved to a new screen called Market Data which is opened in a new window. Now when users are trading, you can keep a second window with the Market Data screen open to scan the prices and price movements of all markets on your connected exchanges to better find and react to buying or selling opportunities, all while still being able to trade and transfer using the main window.

New Market Data windowNew Market Data window

Chart drawing tools

All real-time charts displayed in the Coygo application are powered by TradingView, a favorite platform by many cryptocurrency and stock traders. With our new update we’ve enabled drawing tools on every chart within Coygo via the left-side toolbar, so that traders can better analyze price trends and find buying or selling opportunities using their preferred technical analysis strategies. Along with the included price, MACD, RSI, and Volume displays, these charts provide a great in-depth view of the current state of each market. We’ve also made each chart slightly larger, to improve the experience for users on smaller screens.

Chart drawing toolsChart drawing tools

Technical Analysis gauge

Alongside each real-time price chart we have also added a technical analysis indicator powered by TradingView, an advanced tool that displays ratings based on multiple technical indicators at a glance. Users can select the interval for the technical analysis from as small as one minute to as large as one month. Traders need access to as much data as possible to make informed decisions and find buying or selling opportunities, this new high-level technical analysis indicator helps assess that data quickly and efficiently.

Technical analysis gaugeTechnical analysis gauge

Balance Overview redesign

The Balance Overview section gives users information on the balances of their wallets on each connected exchange at a glance. You can choose between two viewing modes, “Total per coin” which sums up the totals of each coin across each exchange, or “Total per exchange” which displays each exchange’s balances separately. The “Total per exchange” display has been redesigned to make it more immediately obvious which exchange the balances are for. You can see the change below:

New Balance Overview design

New Balance Overview designNew Balance Overview design

Previous Balance Overview design

Previous Balance Overview designPrevious Balance Overview design

Icons on Windows and Mac

Windows iconWindows icon

Coygo previously had a bug that was causing an incorrect application icon to be displayed on Windows. That has now been fixed so users can easily tell which application is Coygo in your task bar.

Minor improvements

As well as the major changes, we’re constantly making minor improvements to application stability, speed, and usability. This update’s changes include:

Until next time

Thanks for keeping up with Coygo’s development! We will continue to share our progress as we gather feedback from our users and improve the application to provide the absolute best experience for cryptocurrency traders with accounts on multiple exchanges.

As usual, we welcome you to sign up to participate in our free beta at if you live in the United States. Your feedback is very valuable to us!

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