Coygo Update 4-28-2019 Portfolio Overview Improvements

Hello digital asset traders! It’s time for another development update from the Coygo team. As usual, we’ve been diligently working to improve the Coygo application and make it the single best solution for secure multi-exchange cryptocurrency trading. We have gotten great feedback on the Portfolio screen so far and this update includes changes to further improve this experience.

If this is your first time hearing about Coygo, it’s a downloadable desktop application for Windows, Mac and Linux that allows cryptocurrency traders to connect all of their exchange accounts to have a single, secure interface to track account balances, submit trades, execute transfers between accounts, and lots more. Unlike most other solutions, your API credentials are **only **stored securely on your machine, we never have access to your funds or accounts. All trades and transfers are submitted directly from your machine, our servers never touch your accounts or account credentials.

If you live in the U.S. and you would like to help us shape the future of Coygo, we welcome you to sign up for our free beta at

Portfolio OverviewPortfolio Overview

Hide small balances

It’s common for crypto traders to end up with a bunch of very small balances (< $0.01) for a number of assets. Many exchanges offer the option to hide these balances, sometimes also known as “dust”, because these balances are below the minimum trade amount so you’ll likely never use them again.

Now our users can hide small balances in the Coygo application when viewing the Portfolio Overview screen, which aggregates your wallet balances from every connected exchange. Any balance with a value of $0.01 USD or less will be hidden from display.

Hide small balancesHide small balances

Display balances in USD, BTC or ETH

Many digital asset traders prefer to view their current holdings in their BTC or ETH value instead of USD. Since most markets are traded against BTC or ETH, it’s helpful to see if your trades have gained in BTC value. On the Portfolio screen users can now choose to have their holdings shown in USD, BTC or ETH. All aggregated totals as well as individual wallet balances will be shown in the selected currency.

View Portfolio balances in USD, BTC or ETHView Portfolio balances in USD, BTC or ETH

Updated website

Our website had become quite out of date after all of our recent improvements and changes to the application. We have redesigned the website to better demonstrate the application and its current capabilities.

Updated websiteUpdated website

Other improvements

Each Coygo update includes a number of smaller changes and improvements. This update’s list includes:

Until next time

Thanks for keeping up with Coygo’s development! We will continue to share our progress as we gather feedback from our users and improve the application to provide the absolute best experience for digital assets traders with accounts on multiple exchanges.

As usual, we welcome you to sign up to participate in our free beta at if you live in the United States. Your feedback is very valuable to us!

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