Coygo Update 7-12-2019 Trade Ui Overhaul Real Time Cryptocurrency Order Book Analysis

Crypto and digital asset traders, we’ve got some VERY exciting news about our latest update to the Coygo application! This is by far our largest and most important release to date, with a complete overhaul of the trading interface and the inclusion of real-time order book data analysis.

New trading interfaceNew trading interface

We know that assessing a market’s order book is important to staying informed when deciding when to place an order. We now support live real-time order book data analysis, including standard depth charts, bid/ask superiority and calculating the average fill rate when planning to buy or sell any amount of an asset.

If this is your first time hearing about Coygo, we provide a secure multi-exchange cryptocurrency trading terminal. Coygo is a downloadable desktop application for Windows, Mac and Linux that allows traders to connect all of their exchange accounts to have a single, secure interface to track account balances, submit trades, execute transfers between accounts, analyze market data, and lots more. Unlike most other solutions, your API credentials are **only **stored securely on your machine, we never have access to your funds or accounts. All trades and transfers are submitted directly from your machine, our servers never touch your accounts or account credentials.

If you live in the U.S. and you would like to help us shape the future of Coygo, we welcome you to sign up for our beta at, which is currently free of charge.

Trade interface redesign with real-time order book dataTrade interface redesign with real-time order book data

Trade interface overhaul

We have completely redone our trading interface to allow viewing as much real-time data as possible, and to allow us to include more data analysis and features in the future.

Trade interface overviewTrade interface overview

Here is that same screen, but with the “Depth” data view selected instead of the “Chart” data view.

Trade interface depth chartTrade interface depth chart

And once more here is that same screen, but this time with the “TA Buy/Sell” data view selected.

Trade interface technical analysis gaugeTrade interface technical analysis gauge

Real-time order book superiority analysis

When watching and trading on a market, you will now find an order book superiority analysis displayed above the price chart. In the Tweeted GIF below you can see this live in action, analyzing the BTC-ETH market on Binance in real-time, updating its calculations every time the order book is updated.

Superiority is calculated using all of the open asks and bids within 5% of the last price. The total sum of all asks and bids are calculated, along with the number of order book price levels. This can help you understand where buy or sell pressure is moving, and also how other traders or bots are affecting the order book.

Real-time potential order fill calculations

When placing an order, you want to know the best rate that you can get for your purchase or sale. In order to know this you need to check every open order and match them up to the amount that you want to trade to find all the fills that will be executed. We allow you to do this in real-time by simply entering how much you want to buy or sell. The Coygo application will find all potential fills and can show you the average rate and overall amount that placing a trade for the specified amount would yield.

Real-time potential order fill calculationsReal-time potential order fill calculations

Trade inputs and relevant data

The trade inputs have been moved to below the charts, along with open orders, trade history, and wallet balances. When viewing open orders or trades you have the option of viewing only orders or trades for the current market, or orders or trades across all markets.

Trade inputs and relevant dataTrade inputs and relevant data

Easy arbitrage monitoring with simultaneous markets

Coygo has supported trading on multiple markets simultaneously for a long time. With our new trade UI overhaul and access to real-time order book data, Coygo is now more powerful than every to asses arbitrage opportunities. In order to make arbitrage easier, when you’re trading on one market and click the “+ Add Market” button to start trading on another market simultaneously Coygo will find that same trading pair on another one of your exchanges (if any of your other connected exchanges have that same pair) and open that by default. See this live in the Tweeted GIF below, while watching Binance LTC-BTC we go to add a new market and Coygo automatically opens the LTC-BTC trading pair on Coinbase Pro.

Minor improvements

As with every other release, this update also includes a long list of minor improvements and stability fixes.

That’s a wrap

As usual, we welcome you to sign up to participate in our free beta at if you live in the United States. Your feedback is very valuable to us!

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