Coygo Update 7-31-2019 Kraken Support, Powerful Custom Searching and Filtering of Coins

Crypo traders, we’ve got some exciting news from the Coygo team! The Kraken exchange is now officially supported within the Coygo application. Kraken is consistently one of the highest volume exchanges in the world and has a proven track record of security and legal compliance, so we are happy to support our users who have accounts with them. We have also redone our Market Data screen with a brand new Asset Search that allows for powerful searching and filtering of coins and tokens to help you quickly assess the market and decide what you will be trading.

Trade on Kraken with Coygo

You can now use the familiar Coygo interface with all of its powerful features and insights while trading on Kraken. Your Kraken wallet balances will now be included in your Portfolio overview that aggregates balances across all exchanges. Our initial support for Kraken does include a few caveats, mainly because Coygo currently only supports creating market and limit orders. Some of Kraken’s advanced trading features, including stop-market orders, expiration times for orders and margin trading will all be included in future updates .

Trade on Kraken with CoygoTrade on Kraken with Coygo

Powerful custom searching and filtering of cryptocurrencies

We have completely redone our Market Data screen with a brand new Asset Search. This allows cryptocurrency traders to search and filter market data to find buying or selling opportunities. You can search assets by name or symbol, but the real power lies when you compose custom search filters using a number of data points including current price, 24h price change percentage, price change percentage since ATH, 24h volume, market cap, and more.

In this example we create a custom filter for all coins with a 24h volume ≥ $20,000,000, that are down in price by ≥ 0.5% in the past 24h, and have a price that is down ≥70% since their ATH.

Custom filtering options for Asset SearchCustom filtering options for Asset Search

Our goal is that Coygo enables you to excel at every step of the trading process, from finding what coins or tokens to trade, to watching real-time market insights to better assess opportunities, to submitting and managing your open orders. This new Market Data screen brings us one step closer to that goal.

Market Data charts

The Market Data screen has also had its charts redesigned. They can now be accessed by clicking the Charts navigation button at the top of the screen. Here you can view charts of Total Market Cap, Total Market Cap Excluding BTC, and BTC Market Cap Dominance % to get a quick glance at the overall market.

Market Data Charts viewMarket Data Charts view

Improved market search while trading

We have improved the search logic on the trading interface to better find the markets that you’re looking for without requiring your search to match the exact market name. For example, you can now search “BAT BTC” and find all BAT-BTC pairs, but also all pairs that include both, or you can search “Kraken USD” to find all markets on Kraken that have USD in their trade pair. Results are sorted by how confident we are that it matches what you have entered, so the most relevant results will always be first.

Improved market search while tradingImproved market search while trading

Exchange connection status indicator

In the top right of the navigation bar we now show an indicator that reflects the status of your machine’s connection to each exchange. All trades and data connections are sent directly from your machine, not Coygo’s servers, so it’s important to know if you’re connected successfully or not. If an exchange responds with an error message Coygo will display it to you here, along with FAQ links that might help you resolve any problems that might occur.

Try Coygo for free!

Coygo has been in a free beta for over a year now as we have improved our product with the feedback of our users. We will soon be transitioning to a full release with a paid subscription, so if you’d like to try Coygo for free now is the time! You can sign up at We will also be offering a free trial period upon purchasing a subscription if you don’t get a chance to try it during the beta.

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