Gain an Advantage Trading Crypto With Coygo, Now Open to the Public

Coygo offers a secure, all-in-one multi-exchange cryptocurrency trading tool for professional traders. From real-time insights to trading to portfolio tracking, if you trade cryptocurrencies Coygo can save you time and give you an advantage over your competition.

Here at Coygo we’ve been in a closed invite-only beta for about two years now, gathering invaluable feedback and iterating on our product to ensure we’re building the best possible solution for cryptocurrency and digital asset traders. I am very happy to announce that we are now ready to open up our beta to the public. If you’re serious about crypto trading, we welcome you to try out Coygo for free and let us know what you think!

Coygo screenshotCoygo screenshot

Secure, no API keys required

A big focus of ours has been to make API keys completely optional when using Coygo. Our beta product previously only worked when you connected your exchange accounts by adding your API keys, but we quickly learned that not everyone is comfortable giving their API keys to a third party. Coygo’s servers never have access to your accounts, your API keys are only stored encrypted on your own hard drive, but some users just don’t want to give any third party access to their accounts. And that’s okay! We totally get it.

Now you get to choose the level of access to your exchange accounts that you’re comfortable providing to Coygo. Don’t want to give up your API keys? No problem, you can benefit from all of Coygo’s real-time data and market insights without ever giving Coygo access to your accounts. If you decide you want to connect your exchange accounts, you gain an even more powerful set of features.

Real-time insights

Gaining an edge over the competition while trading is all about data. You need access to as much real-time data as possible (order books, trade history, tickers, etc.), and you need that data shown in ways that provide meaningful insights at a glance. We’ve worked closely with our beta users to make sure we’re providing the most relevant data in an easy-to-digest manner.

One great example of this is our Trade Analysis feature which lets you view trades as they occur in real-time and analyze recent trade activity. Compare recent buy vs. sell order count, and buy vs. sell cumulative sums on any market. This is enabled for every user, no API keys required.

Trade AnalysisTrade Analysis

Another awesome tool we provide is our real-time Arbitrage Scanner. Select any trade pair and view spreads across every supported exchange. Quickly find the largest spread by its color.

Arbitrage ScannerArbitrage Scanner

Trade on every exchange

If you connect your exchange accounts, you can trade on every exchange from the same powerful interface. Submit market, limit, & stop-limit orders, and quickly set position sizes to USD equivalents of $50, $100, $250, $500, $1000, or $2500.

View and manage your open orders on every exchange. Quickly find all orders for a specific market on an exchange, or a specific trade pair across multiple exchanges.

View your trade history for a specific market on one exchange, for a single trade pair across multiple exchanges, or for all trades on every exchange.

Coygo trading interfaceCoygo trading interface

Transfer between accounts

No need to switch between all those tabs or deal with wallet addresses. Transfer funds between exchanges with a few clicks, see the USD value and destination wallet address before transferring, & view your aggregated transfer history from all exchanges.

Coygo transfer interfaceCoygo transfer interface

Portfolio tracking

If you sync your exchange accounts with API keys that have read permissions, Coygo allows you to quickly see an overview of your portfolio. View holdings per exchange or per asset, see your balances in USD, BTC or ETH values, and view individual wallet balances on each exchange.

Security first

As mentioned above, Coygo’s servers **never **have access to your crypto exchange accounts. This is something our competitors simply can’t offer. Because Coygo is a downloadable desktop application, not a web application, we are able to connect your machine directly to each exchange and submit trades right from your device. Your exchange account API keys are only stored encrypted on your hard drive, not our servers. We don’t ever recommend giving any third party’s servers access to your API keys.

Try Coygo today!

This was just a short recap of where Coygo is today, but there are so many other awesome things that Coygo does to help cryptocurrency and digital asset traders stay ahead of their competition. We welcome you to read more on our website or follow us on Twitter @CoygoHQ.

Interested in using Coygo? You can sign up now and start using Coygo for free during our beta. We would really love to hear any ideas or feedback you have that could help us make Coygo the best possible tool for digital asset traders.