Get Help Coding Crypto Bots in Our Subreddit

Hello again crypto traders! In April of this year we released Coygo Forge, a platform and framework for coding JavaScript crypto trading bots that can access full real-time order book data and execute on intervals in the seconds or even milliseconds. Coygo Forge is the engine powering Coygo Bots, our crypto trading bots platform with a focus on day trading and real-time trading strategies.

We know that writing code is hard, especially when learning it as a new skill, and we also know that trading bots in general are necessarily complex. In order to help you learn and become a master at coding your own custom crypto trading bots in Coygo Forge we have just launched a new community on reddit! See it here: /r/CoygoForge.

In this new community you can ask questions for coding help, discuss different trading bot strategy ideas, and get answer from other traders or the Coygo team themselves. We hope to see you there! Together we can all excel at creating our own crypto trading bot strategies for day trading.

How to get invited to /r/CoygoForge

If you’re not familiar, reddit is a great platform for fostering discussions among a community. Our new community is private and requires an invite to gain access. To join our community:

  1. Log in to your Coygo account

  2. Activate your Coygo subscription on the Subscription page

  3. Create a reddit account and enter your reddit username on the Coygo User Settings page.

  4. Send us a message and we’ll invite your reddit account to the /r/CoygoForge community! You can easily contact us on our Help page, just click “Get Help Now”.

We look forward to seeing you in the community!