Introducing Coygo, the easiest way to trade crypto

Introducing Coygo, the easiest way to trade cryptocurrencies

(*Notice: *Coygo’s offerings have changed and improved a lot since this was initially published. We try to keep this post updated but please see our website or newer blog posts for more info!)

Coygo Terminal and Coygo MobileCoygo Terminal and Coygo Mobile

Hi, my name’s Evan Francis and I’m CEO and co-founder of Coygo, Inc. We’re a San Diego-based startup that builds solutions for cryptocurrency traders and investors. We’ve been hard at work for the past year developing a desktop application for tracking and managing all of your personal cryptocurrency exchange accounts called Coygo Terminal, as well as a mobile companion called Coygo Mobile for portfolio tracking, real-time charts, and other helpful data tools. Today I’m happy to announce that we’re finally ready to show it to the world.

The Coygo Terminal app is still in an early stage and will change and improve over time. If you’d like to try Coygo’s solutions you can sign up for free at, we would really love your feedback! Follow us here or on Twitter and Facebook to stay up to date.

(Recognize us from our previous venture Lunafi? We formed Coygo to continue that journey.)

What is Coygo Terminal?

Coygo’s first product is a downloadable software application called Coygo Terminal that lets you track and manage all of your cryptocurrency exchange accounts from a single interface. Our goal is simple: you should never have to leave the Coygo Terminal application while trading cryptocurrencies or monitoring markets across multiple exchanges. The Coygo Terminal application provides a number of benefits to enable this, including:

Coygo TerminalCoygo Terminal

There’s so much more that Coygo Terminal and our other tools can do to make a digital asset trader’s life easier. I know you want to see the product, so let’s get into it!

What is Coygo Mobile?

On the go? Coygo Mobile is accessible on your phone or laptop via a web browser at View real-time charts with MACD, RSI and Bollinger Bands indicators and use a number of helpful data tools to keep up with this fast-moving market.

What is Coygo Screener? A trader-focused alternative to CoinMarketCap

Coygo Screener is a tool available both in Coygo Terminal and on Coygo Mobile (link to Screener). The Screener is a great alternative option for checking up on daily prices and trends. You can use a number of preset search filters like “High 24h volume”, “Close to all-time-high”, “Daily high-volume gainers”, etc., or you can compose your own powerful search filters to find the best possible trading opportunities. See this in-depth guide for how to use Coygo Screener to find the best coins to trade every day.

Coygo ScreenerCoygo Screener

Real-time Insights

Getting an advantage while trading is all about having access to real-time data in a way that provides helpful insights that can quickly and easily be used. With Coygo Terminal you can monitor markets on multiple exchanges simultaneously with real-time order books, depth charts, order book superiority, & technical indicators.

Real-time trade history analysisReal-time trade history analysis

Real-time arbitrage spread scannerReal-time arbitrage spread scanner

Portfolio Overview

The portfolio overview let’s you track your account balances across all of your personal exchange accounts in one place. You can view your totals in each exchange separately, or your combined totals of each digital asset across every exchange. Balance totals are displayed in their native amounts as well as their estimated USD, BTC or ETH value using public market data. You can see the individual USD price per coin for each asset as well as recent price changes for the coins you own.

Portfolio overviewPortfolio overview

Submit trade orders and view real-time market data

Submit market, limit or stop-limit orders from all of your personal exchange accounts to every available market, all from the same simple interface. Retrieve the latest ask, bid or last price, or set your own rate. Real-time charts with RSI, MACD and Bollinger Band indicators are provided courtesy of TradingView. Real-time order book data, depth charts, and superiority analyis. Again, we ***never ***have your API keys or submit any orders from our servers, everything is stored and submitted on your own machine.

Submit trades tomultiple exchanges from one placeSubmit trades tomultiple exchanges from one place

View aggregated trades and orders list

View all of your open orders, and past trades from each of your personal exchange accounts, all aggregated into one place to give you a simple but informative overview of your trading activity. Helpful descriptions are generated to better understand each trade at a glance.

Manage all of your open orders and view past trades on every exchangeManage all of your open orders and view past trades on every exchange

Transfer between accounts, and view aggregated transfer history

View a combined list of all of your transfers, deposits and withdrawals on every exchange with helpful descriptions to give you a quick understanding of your activity.

View all of you transfers in one place, and execute transfers without ever dealing with wallet addressesView all of you transfers in one place, and execute transfers without ever dealing with wallet addresses

Above your aggregated transfer history from all exchanges, you can submit transfers between wallets at different exchanges through a simple interface without ever having to type in or even know your wallet address. Just tell Coygo what coin you want to transfer, what exchange it’s being sent from, and what exchange it’s being sent to, and the appropriate transfer will be submitted right from your device. Preview the USD amount being transferred and the destination address before submitting the transfer.

Securely connect exchanges

Connect any of your exchange accounts quickly and easily. Your API keys are stored encrypted on your hard drive and ***never ***leave your machine, Coygo’s servers do not have access to your funds or your accounts. You are always in control. All trades are submitted right from your device.

Securely connect your exchangesSecurely connect your exchanges

So who are we?

Coygo was founded by myself (Evan Francis) as CEO, Ellery Addington-White as CTO, and Dorian Kersch as CIO in 2018. We met while working at Intuit, Inc. in San Diego developing the TurboTax application and its surrounding infrastructure and tooling. We have years of experience building enterprise financial software that is both durable and focused on delivering value to customers. We’ve also been involved in the cryptocurrency and decentralized ledger ecosystem for years. Our experience includes not only mining, trading, and investing but also hosting local events to help educate the public on the topic of cryptocurrencies while building networks of like-minded individuals in the process. We’ve also spoken at events such as technology conferences, local Meetups, and college investing seminars.

We want your feedback, try Coygo now for free!

If you’re a cryptocurrency or digital asset trader and this looks like something that might be helpful, we welcome you to sign up for our free at Your feedback can help us improve and evolve Coygo into the single best solution for cryptocurrency traders and investors. Follow us here or on Twitter and Facebook to stay up to date.

This will be an iterative process as we gather feedback, add new features and support more exchanges, and we would really love to hear your thoughts! Currently we support Coinbase and Poloniex, and we are in the process of considering support for Bittrex, Binance, Coinbase Pro and others (as well as a long list of other helpful features) for the near future.