Make a trading bot, win $100 of BTC in Coygo Hackathon

You’ve probable heard of trading bots, but have you ever created your own? We’ve built a powerful platform and framework for coding custom crypto trading bots called Coygo Forge. Now we want to see what you can build with it!

Code your own trading bot in the Coygo Forge Hackathon 2022 and you could win $100 worth of BTC or ETH for free* as well as a month’s subscription to Coygo. Multiple submissions will be chosen and receive free BTC or ETH - you could win more than once!

What is Coygo Forge?

Coygo Forge is a powerful platform and framework for coding custom crypto trading bots using simple JavaScript code. Forge is the underlying engine powering our trading bots platform, Coygo Bots!

Code previewCode preview

If you’re intimidated by the idea of coding a trading bot don’t worry! We’ve got plenty of videos and guides, extensive JavaScript API documentation and a number of working code examples to help you get started coding your own crypto trading bot.

Coygo Forge was built with a focus on trading strategies that work with real-time market data and don’t rely on much historical data —strategies like arbitrage and scalping. Coygo Forge is not built for indicator-based trading strategies or strategies that need to execute on intervals larger than 5 minutes.

Join our community of traders

If you need help we have a private reddit community at where you can collaborate with and learn from others or get help directly from the Coygo team! All hackathon submissions will be made through the reddit community.

Reddit communityReddit community

Hackathon information

The hackathon terms are as follows:

What should I create?

If you don’t know where to start we’ve put together a list of example strategies that you could create. Of course we’d love to see how creative you can be, there are no rules to what you can submit!

How to enter the Coygo Forge 2022 Hackathon

You can find the details about how to enter the hackathon on Coygo’s website: Coygo Forge Hackathon 2022.

Rate of BTC or ETH to achieve $100 of value to be determined by Coygo at the time of sending to any winners.

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