Coygo Forge Hackathon 2022

Code a custom crypto trading bot and you could win $100 of BTC or ETH!

Multiple submissions will receive awards - you could win more than once!

About the Hackathon

We've built a powerful platform and framework for coding custom crypto trading bots called Coygo Forge. Now we want to see what you can build with it!

  • Code a custom bot strategy for chance to win $100 of BTC or ETH*. Multiple submissions will be chosen to receive an award.
  • Feel free to enter multiple submissions - you could win more than once!
  • Submissions must focus on either real-time trading strategies that benefit from live order book data (arbitrage, market maker, etc.), or strategies that work on intervals of 5 minutes or shorter and don't rely on much historical data (grid trading, etc.). See "What can I create" below for ideas.
  • Anyone who enters will get their first month’s Coygo subscription for free
  • Contestants & winners will get a special badge in our Forge Community on reddit

How do I participate?

  • Sign up for a Coygo account
  • Use the promo code "HACKATHON22" to get one month's Coygo subscription for free ($17 value). A payment method will be required but you will get a free trial and your first month free!
  • Download Coygo Terminal
  • Code your own custom trading bot strategy with Coygo Forge
  • Join the Forge Community on reddit, see the details here
  • Submit your code in a new post to the Forge Community on reddit before the submission deadline of October 20, 2022
  • Winners will be announced shortly after the submission deadline of October 20, 2022

Join the community!

If you need help or want to collaborate with others, we have a private reddit community at where you can collaborate with and learn from others or get help directly from the Coygo team! All hackathon submissions will be made through the reddit community.

Get invited to the Forge Community today!

What can I create?

You are welcome to create any type of trading strategy you'd like! If you're not sure where to start we've put together some examples below afor inspiration.

Infinite grid trader

Constantly buys and sells at pre-defined price intervals, for example +/- 2%. Similar to the "Spot grid trader" but without any upper or lower bound for the range of prices it trades within.

Compounding grid trader

Constantly buys and sells at pre-defined price intervals, for example +/- 2%. Similar to the "Spot grid trader" but compounds returns by increasing order amounts to re-invest any profits.


Increase or decrease your holdings in a market while reducing slippage by splitting your buy/sell amount into multiple order amounts spaced apart over a short time. Order amounts and time between orders could be randomized or pre-configured. Bot would stop itself once it's bought or sold the total desired amount.

Advanced market maker

Constantly places buy/sell orders near the ask/bid rate to attempt to profit off of the bid-ask spread. Similar to "Simple market maker" but it could place multiple price levels of buy/sell orders. It could also dynamically determine the rates to submit buy/sell orders at given latest rates, your trading fees, etc.

Ping pong

Sets a target percentage, i.e. +1%, and sets buy/sell prices dynamically as prices change. Similar to "Static midpoint swing trading" but on some regular interval "L" it will reset its target buy/sell prices to try and follow short-term trends.

Scenario 1 - Follow trend up
1 - After "L" execution intervals the price moves down -1% so it places a buy order and target sell price is +1%.
2 - If after "L × 2" execution intervals the price hasn't reached +1% from the buying price yet but it did slowly move up, and we're already in profit (price moved more than our trading fees), it will set a new sell target again at +1% of current rate. This allows it to follow a market trending up.
Scenario 2 - Follow trend down
1 - If after "L" execution intervals the price hasn't reached -1% yet but price did slowly move down an amount greater than your trading fee percentage, we will set a new buy point again at -1% of current rate. This allows it to follow a market trending down and catch when it reverses (if it does).
2 - Once the price has dropped -1% within "L" execution intervals it will place a buy order. See "Scenario 1 - Follow trend up"

Flash crash hunter

Sets target buy prices at pre-defined amounts below the current rate (i.e. every -2%), along with corresponding sell prices above each buy price, to attempt to profit off of short-term price drops and their following recoveries. Similar to "Drop hunter" but it sets up multiple target buy prices. It could also monitor multiple markets at once, i.e. if you have USD you could be monitoring any four or five markets that use USD (BTC-USD, ETH-USD, ADA-USD, etc.) and buy them when the price drops a desired amount with your USD.

Smart rebalancer - 4 coins

Repeatedly rebalances a portfolio of 4 coins to desired proportions. This attempts to reduce risk by spreading exposure across multiple assets, and to profit off of the volatility between the selected coins by constantly selling high and buying low. Similar to "Smart rebalancer: 5 coins" but it rebalances a porftolio of 4 coins instead of 5.

Good luck!

We can't wait to see what you can build.

* Rate of BTC or ETH to achieve $100 of value to be determined by Coygo at the time of sending to any winners.
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