Crypto day trading & arbitrage bots

Create trading bots to automate your crypto day trading & arbitrage with Coygo Bots.  Access pre-built Bot Strategies including grid trading, swing trading, triangular arbitrage, market making, and more

Coygo Bots - A New Generation of Crypto Day Trading Bots

Don't trust the cloud

Your API keys are only stored on your machine, not our servers. All orders are submitted directly from your machine.

Near-zero latency

Real-time data feeds connect your machine directly to each exchange, our servers don't act as a middleman.

Crypto arbitrage bots

Configure and run arbitrage bots to find and act on Bitcoin & crypto arbitrage opportunities within 25 milliseconds, both inter-exchange arbitrage and intra-exchange triangular crypto arbitrage.

Code crypto trading bots with JavaScript

With Coygo Forge you can code your very own custom and fully automated crypto day trading bot strategies with JavaScript that can react to market changes in milliseconds. Perfect for real-time strategies like arbitrage or scalping.

Read more in our blog post:
Coygo Forge - Code Your Own Crypto Trading Bots With Javascript

Powerful API

Use a simple but powerful JavaScript API to access real-time order books, submit orders books, and lots more!

JavaScript guides

Search comprehensive API documentation with explanations and working code examples for everything your Bot Strategy can do.

Example strategies

Browse a number of pre-built Bot Strategies with complete working code examples, including: swing trading, market making, grid trading, & more.

Industry-leading DIY crypto arbitrage

Manually find and act on crypto inter-arbitrage spreads in real-time. Read more in our blog post

Coygo Terminal's Arbitrage 2.0 - Master cryptocurrency arbitrage

Real-time spreads

Monitor arbitrage spreads in real-time across all supported exchanges with our crypto arbitrage scanner.

One-click trading

Submit pre-configured trades to two exchanges in parallel to quickly act on a spread, with real-time slippage detection.

Rapid transfer

Swiftly transfer assets between wallets at different exchanges.

Real-time insights

Order book superiority

View real-time order book superiority analysis for all open orders within 5% of the last price to quickly analyze bid vs. ask pressure.

Trade analysis

Analyze recent trade history to spot trends and trading activity as it happens in real-time. Quickly spot if action is from one whale or a number of smaller trades.

Pre-order calcs

Determine slippage before submitting orders by assessing the order book.

Simplified transfers

No wallet addresses

Never deal with manually entering wallet addresses again.

Aggregated history

View your aggregated deposit and withdrawal history across all assets and exchanges.

USD estimates

See the estimated USD value of a transfer before submitting.

Multi-exchange trading

Submit orders

Submit market, limit or stop-limit orders to multiple exchanges. Use predefined amounts of $50, $100, $250, $500 etc. to quickly configure orders.

Manage orders

View and cancel open orders on all connected exchanges.

Aggregated history

View your aggregated trade history across all markets and exchanges.

Portfolio tracking

All exchanges

Track your portfolio across every exchange from one simple interface.

BTC or ETH values

List your holdings value in USD, BTC or ETH, to easily track your progress.

Hide dust

Tired of small "dust" holdings literring your portfolio? Hide them on all exchanges.

Security & Latency

API key security

Exchange credentials (API keys) are only stored encrypted on YOUR hard drive. Coygo's servers DO NOT have access to your funds.

Optional API keys

All real-time insights and data tools are available without ever connecting an exchange account.

Near-zero latency

Your machine is connected directly to each exchange for real-time data. Coygo's servers do not act as a middleman.

Coygo Screener

A trader-focused alternative to CoinMarketCap

Preset filters

Use our powerful preset filters such as "Possible Daily Bullish Reversals" to find the best assets to trade.

Custom filters

Compose your own custom filters by combining a number of comparisons against various data points.

Accessible anywhere

Access Coygo Screener within Coygo Terminal, or on-the-go via your phone or laptop on Coygo Mobile.

Coygo Mobile

Portfolio tracking

Connect your accounts in Coygo Terminal and track your portfolio on your mobile device or laptop

Coygo Screener

Use powerful preset filters such as "Daily High Volume Gainers", or compose your own custom filters.

Powerful charts

View charts for each asset with MACD, RSI and Bollinger Bands indicators, powered by TradingView.

Feature roadmap

We're constantly improving Coygo with the feedback from our users. These are a few things that we've got planned for the near future.

Bot strategies

More crypto trading bot strategies are in development. We're exploring more types of arbitrage like deep arbitrage (filling multiple levels of the order book), scalping, and more.

Forge Community

Join a community of crypto traders who use Coygo Forge to develop custom Bot Strategies. Browse Bot Strategies that others have shared with the community, publish & share your own Bot Strategies that you've built with Coygo Forge, or learn from and collaborate with other traders, analysts and developers.

Track wallet addresses

Include any wallet address in your portfolio overview, so that you can keep your coins anywhere you'd like while still tracking your overall portfolio value.

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