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Coygo Bots - A New Generation of Crypto Day Trading Bots

Algorithmic Trading

All strategies include open source algorithmic code, or you can code your own algo strategy with JavaScript.

High Frequency

Execute high frequency crypto strategies using second or millisecond intervals. Perfect for swing trading, scalping or arbitrage.

Crypto Swing Trading

Master crypto swing trading with popular strategies like "grid trading" and "ping pong" on all major exchanges.

OTO Orders

Use advanced order types like OTO (One-Triggers-Other) orders for powerful trading automation on all supported exchanges.

OCO Orders

Use OCO (One-Cancels-Other) orders to configure simultaneous stop-loss and take-profit conditions with a single order.
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Master crypto swing trading with automated bots & Coygo

Powerful pre-built trading bots

Coygo Bots includes a number of powerful pre-built trading bot strategies for cryptocurrency day trading.

Spot grid swing trader

Uses the well-known "grid" swing trading strategy that systematically submits buy and sell orders at pre-defined price levels. Grid Trading is typically considered to perform best in volatile markets when prices fluctuate within a specific range.

Ping pong swing trader

Alternates between buying and selling to “ping pong” back and forth as the price moves, attempting to profit off of market recoveries after a quick price drop. This strategy will try to increase profits by following a market trending upwards or downwards before buying or selling, with stop-loss and take-profit triggers in place to lock in profits and avoid losses.

Triangular arbitrage

Find triangular arbitrage opportunities that start and end with a balance in the “Starting asset”. Orders are submitted to three markets (trade pairs) when the cross-rate is overvalued. This allows you to perform arbitrage immediately on one exchange.

Inter-exchange arbitrage

Submit arbitrage trades to two exchanges in parallel when a favorable bid-ask spread (price difference) is detected. This allows you to perform arbitrage immediately without transferring between exchanges. Trades are done in both directions, bought on either exchange if a favorable spread is found and sold on the other exchange.

Momentum reversal: MACD + RSI + BB

Uses MACD, RSI and Bollinger Bands technical indicators to attempt to find reversals and quickly react to them by purchasing the asset and configuring simultaneous stop-loss and take-profit conditions.

Static midpoint swing trading

A swing trading strategy that focuses around a static midpoint rate, buying and selling as the price fluctuates around this midpoint.

Smart rebalancer - 5 coins

Repeatedly rebalances a portfolio of 5 coins to desired proportions. This attempts to reduce risk by spreading exposure across multiple assets, and to profit off of the volatility between the selected coins by constantly selling high and buying low. This is a well-known strategy that has been used for decades in traditional markets, now adapted to fit the needs of cryptocurrency day traders.

Simple market maker

A simple market making strategy that attempts to profit off of the bid-ask spread. Submits one limit buy order at or near the current ask rate. Submits one limit sell order at or near the current bid rate. When either order is filled a new order will be submitted at or near the new ask/bid rate.

Plus even more!

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Code crypto trading bots with JavaScript

With Coygo Forge you can code your very own custom and fully automated crypto day trading bot strategies with JavaScript that can react to market changes in milliseconds. Perfect for real-time strategies like arbitrage or scalping.

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Coygo Forge - Code Your Own Crypto Trading Bots With Javascript
Ready to code your first crypto trading bot?

How to Code a Crypto Trading Bot With Javascript & Coygo Forge

Powerful API

Use a simple but powerful JavaScript API to access real-time order books, submit orders books, and lots more!

JavaScript guides

Search comprehensive API documentation with explanations and working code examples for everything your Bot Strategy can do.

Example strategies

Browse a number of pre-built Bot Strategies with complete working code examples, including: swing trading, market making, grid trading, & more.

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